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Process service is a necessary part of our legal process system. Due process of law requires that process service be done correctly. By hiring VALENTE LEGAL SERVICES, you can feel confident that your legal documents will be served in a prompt, legal and professional manner in strict compliance with the law. Your case is important to us. Don’t take chances with some fly-by-night service or a firm hiring young, inexperienced personnel. They often utilize a 'one knock and gone' technique, which does not treat process service as the critical part of the legal process it is! To effect service,sometimes it's necessary to sit out the target and await arrival, which we are prepared to do. (While this can incur additional costs for your process service, you could pay even more later in the form of a case dismissal, or a defendant’s legal motions or evasive tactics.)


Legal Letters, Writs, Orders, Eviction Notices, Divorce, Subpoenas, Complaints, Summonses, Forcible Detainers, Garnishment, Orders of Protection, Cease and Desist Orders, Child Support, Collection Notices, Injunctions, Petition for Supplemental Proceedings, Protection from Abuse, Foreclosures, etc.

Our Services

For over 25 years, Valente Legal Services has assisted the legal community by providing:

  • Process Serving
  • Skip Tracing
  • Locates
  • Court Reporting
  • Litigation Support

Our process servers are competent, experienced professionals. They understand the laws of Pennsylvania and outlying states regarding the service of process. What’s more, they operate in compliance with those laws to effect service properly.

Extensive database research is instrumental in offering skip tracing and people locate services in order to effect service of process. It is common for the information initially provided to be incorrect. This results in unnecessarily wasted time. Our process servers utilize investigative skills to proactively verify subject information (name, address, place of employment, etc.). This facilitates getting it right the first time, satisfying our clients’ quest for fast turnaround and the most efficient use of resources.

Research, planning and having the knowledge of how to effect service depending on the circumstances, degree of difficulty, prior attempts and other factors have led to our high success rates. It's also earned us a steady stream of repeat business. Our clients appreciate the due diligence and persistence we display in completing more difficult serves other firms are not able to accomplish.

Our primary areas of service are Southeastern PA (Philadelphia, Chester County and beyond) and South Central PA (Lancaster County and Harrisburg), but we also serve Delaware and Maryland upon request.

We understand how important it is that your case be handled properly and we realize there is no 'one size fits all' approach to process serving. Don’t jeopardize your service of process by hiring someone offering 'cheap serves', handled by marginally-experienced, young servers who utilize the 'one knock and done' method of attempted service.

We know this business inside and out and we are determined, dedicated, prompt and proficient. Our process servers are experienced, thorough and always take the time to strategically plan. Trust us - we won't let you down.

Proud Member of Serve Now Process Server directory Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators National Court Reporters Association
What Is Process Serving?

“Process Service” means delivering legal papers to an individual or business, using specific legal rules that make it impossible to deny the documents were received. Some state laws require certain documents be “personally served” – meaning the documents must be delivered to the person being served and no one else. In the case of a business, the office administrator must be served in a particular way. Or perhaps the business has designated an agent to accept service. Either way, our professional process servers know how to serve the papers. Then we prepare a Proof of Service for you to submit to the Court, to establish the date, time, and location where the service took place.

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